Shiori Uehara and Sena Sakura are fucked in a court room foursome – JapanHDV


When she hears that her client may spend 5 years in jail, Shiori Uehara shows the man that she can freeze the time. Together, they undress all the babes who accused her clients and their lawyer too. This guy asks Shiori to allow him to play with these babes and she agrees, but only for a little. So, he touches these naked women, but Shiori is naughty too. She takes the lawyer’s cock and she sucks and rubs it. After having her clothes off, Shiori has the hairy pussy spread, rubbed and licked, while the other dude plays with the judge. Shiori is fucked so fine in her crack, missionary, and she starts the time clock again. Now, the judge has her crack licked and fingered by the accused man. She is fucked in the mouth while Shiori and other woman are screwed from behind. The judge is nailed while sitting with one leg in the air and Shiori rides her client’s dick on the floor. These both sluts ride the cocks in the reverse cowgirl position and have their boobies jumping up and down. They are screwed one next to the other, one doggy style and one on man’s top. Shiori and the judge scream a lot as they are fucked harder and harder! They get cum in their wet slits, after such a missionary deep frigging on the court room’s floor. Shiori is happy that she won this trial and the judge has to keep this little dirty secret.

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